Friday, March 16, 2012

Back in the Saddle

Well, here it's been how many years since my last post?

Yes, that's right. Just about as many as I've been out of the spotlight that is Eclipse.

But, now I'm self-employed and I'm back to (ir)regularly contributing to open-source projects. I'm open for business!

Image © Chip Griffin licensed under Creative Commons CC BY 2.0

It has been a great three-year run at QNX Software Systems, where I've enjoyed building everything from developer tools for one of the world's coolest embedded software platforms to application security and display power management components of the BlackBerry PlayBook, one of the world's coolest mobile device software platforms.

Now I'm pursuing a new and exciting career path as an independent consultant, focusing on development of open-source projects, especially in the Model-Driven Architecture that is such a big piece of my Eclipse experience. Stay tuned for updates from some Eclipse MDT projects and more.

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