Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Doctor Is In

Say "Hello" to MDHT 1.1

The Model-Driven Health Tools project at openhealthtools.org has announced its much-anticipated 1.1 release. I'm very glad to have been able to contribute in various small ways to this release. I'm thrilled with all the very good work that the whole team has put into this; it's a significant step up in usability and function.

This release provides an implementation of the Consolidated CDA model (C-CDA) which, together with richer modeling constructs, makes it easier to define constraints on CDA-based XML documents using:
  • improved coordination of property validation and terminology constraints with automatic conformance rule text

  • nested inner classes for constraints on nested elements. Inner classes are not templates but specialize template definitions to add constraints in the containing context. Less OCL to write!

  • improved drag-and-drop and copy/paste workflows in the editor

  • bug fixes and and more!
I've even heard a rumour that MDHT has been coerced to generating Implementation Guides in ePub format for reading in iBooks on your iPad!

If you are an IT practitioner or software developer in the health industry, or even if you're just interested in constraint-based modeling and tool development using UML and other Eclipse Modeling technologies such as EMF and OCL, I definitely recommend checking out the
New and Noteworthy page and other documentation for this release. And, of course, download the all-in-one workbench release and take it for a spin!

Congratulations to the whole MDHT team for a high-quality release!

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