Friday, November 9, 2012

Connected Again

After a few years away, I am (finally) re-connecting with a community that I had been following still but not really participating in.  As of today, I am once again an Eclipse committer.

I have been honoured with election to the EMF CDO (Connected Data Objects) project committer team and Eclipse Foundation's provisioning of my account is complete.  Thanks to Eike and the whole team for inviting me into the fold!

CDO is a very exciting technology for real-time sharing of EMF-based models on a large scale.  The team has done an amazing amount of high-quality work over the last several years, and the community of users is large and very active.  Development continues apace adding great new features every year.

I have contributed some enhancements to CDO to make UML models shareable using CDO's "legacy mode" in next year's 4.2 release (in the Kepler line-up).  In part, these require some tweaks in the Eclipse UML2 implementation that are currently in the pipeline, but the end result should be that by the end of this calendar year, UML in all its glory, including dynamic profile definitions and stereotype applications, can be shared in CDO repositories.  I hope to follow this up with continual enhancements and bug fixes in the legacy mode, as well as working on the Dawn component to support GMF-based UML diagram editors.

I look forward to working with the CDO team and its great user community!

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