Friday, February 22, 2013

Papyrus Model Repositories: Creating New Models

Last week, I introduced the in-progress integration of CDO model repositories into Papyrus for the Kepler release. The starting point was migration of existing models from the Eclipse workspace into a repository. But, what if you don't have models, yet? Do you have to create them in the workspace first, then suck them into a repository?

Not any more!

The latest development on the cdo_kepler branch in Papyrus SVN has refactored the New Papyrus Model wizard to allow creation of models in either a repository or the workspace. See the video after the break to take a tour.


The New Model Wizard implements all of the following scenarios for model repositories:

  • Create a new UML model, UML profile, or SysML model
  • Initialize a new Papyrus model (especially the diagrams) from an existing domain model (UML resource)
  • Choose a folder to contain the new model, which is pre-filled from the current workbench selection if possible

In the case where there isn't a workbench selection, or it doesn't provide the context of a workspace or repository in which to create the new model, a new initial page lets the user indicate in which persistent store (workspace or an available repository) to create the new model.

The same wizard implements the New Papyrus Project function, too. But, as this is naturally workspace-centric, there is no equivalent for model repositories.

See bug 401197 for more code-level details.


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