Sunday, February 17, 2013

Papyrus Model Repositories

The M5 milestone of the Kepler release brought support for UML models in CDO repositories to Eclipse. I wrote then that this provides a foundation for collaborative model editing in Papyrus using CDO. Well, that work has progressed far enough that I can offer a preview of Papyrus on CDO in action.

Here is a short video introducing, in less than 15 minutes, an early stage of CDO integration in the Papyrus workbench, including:

  • Adding repositories to the Model Repositories view
  • Importing models from the workspace into a repository
  • Editing models and seeing changes committed by other users
  • Managing locks on objects for exclusive access
  • Conflicting edits and resolving conflicts
  • and possibly more



You can check out the latest SVN trunk and overlay the cdo_kepler branch from Papyrus SVN, on the Kepler M5 milestone of UML2 and CDO, to play with this yourself. Development is being tracked in bug 290952 and its dependencies. Offer your comments in these bugs.


1 comment:

Eike Stepper said...

Very nice!

I wonder if you make use of CDO's new transfer framework for the initial import of the models. Would be interesting to see if it's flexible enough.

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